May 24, 2020

Oracle Cloud - Connect with our ADB through sqlplus

Connect with our ADB through sqlplus

First, we need to download our wallet_*.zip in order to connect to ADB. From our OCI Console on our ADB Resource, from the button “DB Connection” we proceed to download the zip file.

Press the Download button:

And we need put a password for this wallet:

Once that is ready, we need to copy that file to a folder on our local Machine and decompress that file.

After we need to go the decompress folder

Now, we need open sqlnet.ora and replace the next path for our case:
WALLET_LOCATION = (SOURCE = (METHOD = file) (METHOD_DATA = (DIRECTORY="/Users/felipedonoso/oracle_FDB_ToolKit/TNS_ADMIN_CLOUD/wallet_dbatp")))

After we need configure the TNS_ADMIN variable environment with our respective folder (or add that in our bash profile ):
export TNS_ADMIN="/Users/felipedonoso/oracle_FDB_ToolKit/TNS_ADMIN_CLOUD/wallet_dbatp"

Now we can connect to new environment using our credentials and with any service from our tnsnames.ora (*_high, *_medium, *_tpurgent, etc..):

Connect with our database through sqldeveloper

For this case the situation is the same thing the last one chapter. We need our wallet_*.zip. We need too indicate the type of connection that in this case is “Cloud Wallet”, and indicate the path of our wallet file and the kind of service name  (*_high, *_medium, *_tpurgent, etc..). That’s all.

Best Regards, Felipe.

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