Dec 20, 2013

No lifts the Cluster service data base? Check if the SQL BROWSER is up :-D

I was suffering one day seeking the solution of this problem :-( ... until I found this link and understand the importance of service SQL BROWSER in the cluster instances.

I found it very interesting to share the tips, not long ago walked solving a customer problem with my current company, and we found the service instance SQL SERVER could not climb on the other node when doing a failover. The reason was because the node that was once passive, was not running the SQL BROWSER service. Once we find this note : , climbed the SQL BROWSER automatic service that was not on the passive node, and everything was solved.The note read:" 1. ) The Browser service is not cluster aware, so it would be just Generally running on each node . The browser is really used to handle incoming connections to a SQL instance. When you do not have a fixed port , are named using Situations and in other instances the browser handles the " finding" of the instance to client desires to connect to . So if you Have It running on the active node and it is being used to direct connections , I would make sure it is automatic and running on each node . "Another note :