SAR Analyzer


This tool also I have developed it with VBA+Excel, this is for create pivot and normal charts from SAR file. The input is the file with all information about the performance metrics on linux S.O (Oracle Linux or Red Hat).  For every metric inner file the VBA will make new Sheets and charts about that metric.

For Instance, in the first page "Inicio" you will see the next one:

There you have the button "Ejecutar analisis de SAR" for open the SAR File and the date format from SAR File. After press that button "Ejecutar analisis de SAR" the VBA code begin to create new sheets with pivot charts, for example:

In That Pivot Charts you can select for example only the core number "0",  and you will see only that behavior for that core. Here other analysis examples (memory, swap, disk, network, etc..):

Here for example we have analysis for every Disks (with Pivot):

Other example for network (every interface):

Here you can download the last versión:

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