Aug 4, 2022

Observation to Add VMs to your VMCluster on ExaCC for Dataguard Database

 An observation when adding new VMs to your vmcluster in an EXACC when your DBs are a standby or dataguard.

When I decided to add these new VMs to my VMCluster in Exacc, I noticed that after the process was finished, the new DB instances were not created on the new nodes. And this happened because this is how it works when the DBs involved in the vmcluster to which I am adding nodes are under Dataguard or standby mode, as the following note explains:

  • Adding a VM to a cluster will not automatically extend any database which is part of a Data Guard configuration (either primary or standby) to the newly provisioned VM.
  • For databases not part of a Data Guard configuration, only databases that are running on all VMs in the existing cluster will be added to the newly provisioned VM. Any database running on a subset of VMs will not extend automatically to run on the newly added VM.

As you can see that is the expected behaviour. So when i see that my new instances it was not created on my new nodes (using srvctl config database -d xxxx )  i had to create this new instances using the commands:

srvctl add instance -db BDPRD -instance BDPRD03   -node exaccprd03

srvctl add instance -db BDPRD -instance BDPRD04   -node exaccprd04

Note: on my situation my new VMs added are called: exaccprd03 and exaccprd04

PD: don't forget to add or reconfigure your existing services to take up these new instances you added. Example:

srvctl modify service -d BDPRD -s BDPRDSRV -r exaccprd01, exaccprd02, exaccprd03, exaccprd04 -q TRUE -e SESSION -j LONG -B SERVICE_TIME -m BASIC -z 300 -w 1

srvctl stop service -db BDPRD -service BDPRDSRV

srvctl start service -db BDPRD -service BDPRDSRV

That is all. Thanks

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