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28 Nov 2013

Very good alternative to Graphic tools in Oracle environments, MOATS

Need to examine a database in detail without a graphical tool involved? I found the solution :)
A few days ago researching alternatives were not monitoring oracle enterprise manager, I found a great tool called MOATS (The Mother of All Tuning Scripts) to design a genius out there on the web. This tool is run via console (sqlplus) and shows real-time database. There is also a sister tool called "Dashboard Sqlplus For RAC" for rac environments ( Here 'part explained by the author of this tool in your website:

Regards, felipin
Here the author's explanation:
People talk about the Oracle SQL Developer 3 being out, which is cool, but I have something even cooler for you today ;-)
I finally figured out how to convert my screen-recordings to uploadable videos, so that the text wouldn’t get unreadable and blurry.
So, here’s the first video, about a tool called MOATS, which we have built together with fellow OakTable Network member and a PL/SQL wizard Adrian Billington (of
Here’s the video, it’s under 3 minutes long. Play the video in full screen for best results (and if it’s too slow loading, change it to lower resolution from HD mode):

check it out and if you like MOATS, you can download it from Adrian’s website site (current version 1.05) and make sure you read the README.txt file in the zip!
Also thanks to Randolf Geist for finding and fixing some bugs in our alpha code… Note that MOATS is still kind of beta right now…
P.S. I will post my ORA-4031 and shared pool hacking video real soon now, too! :-)
P.P.S. Have you already figured out how it works?! ;-)
Update: Now you can suggest new features and improvement requests here:
Bye, Friends.


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